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2022 Meetings

Meetings and programs are open to PLGC club members and their guests.
If you are not a member but are interested in attending, please contact us at or by using the Contact Us button.

June 15 - Our 88th Year Begins

Potluck luncheon and Plant Swap


June 29 - Discover Lake Bluff Farms

Lake Bluff Farms (formerly the Audubon House) is a place where all of nature and history is valued with a focus on conservation, education and preservation. In addition to an abundance of birds and wildflowers, Lake Bluff Farms is home to three sequoia trees

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July 13 - Plant It Wild

Based in Manistee and Benzie counties, Plant it Wild uses native Michigan plants in gardens and landscaping. Speaker Cheryl Gross’s landscaping practices include: less lawn, full sun, woodland shade, trees, shrubs, clump forming grasses, and an abundance of wildflowers.

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July 27 - Wellston Arboretum

In the 1930’s, tree saplings from Europe, Asia and across North America were planted in a section of the Manistee National Forest near Wellston to see how they would fare in the local climate. Species include scotch, pinyon, Balkan, white, red, jack and Austrian pines, as well as blue, white and Norway spruce. Speaker Dave Wallace of the Manistee Conservation District will talk about this historically important public space and its recent renewal.  


August 10 - Annual Meeting & Garden Mixology

After the business of the annual meeting, we will enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres. This meeting is open to the public.

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August 24 - A Few Friends for the Environment

Founded in 1990, AFFEW nurtures a healthy planet for all by creating experiences that show people their connection to the environment, engage next generations, educate people on what they can do, and inspire everyone to take action. Speaker is co-founder Julia Chambers.


September 7 - End of Summer Wrap Up

Social gathering at Northern Natural Cider House and Winery.

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