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It's Fun Being a Member!

Our wide-range of programs and projects means that nearly everyone can find something of interest, even those who don’t enjoy traditional gardening. In addition to members with a self-professed “black thumb”, we have members who are Master Gardeners, Accredited Flower Show Judges, Environmental Consultants and Monarch Butterfly enthusiasts. Although several members were born in Manistee county, there are plenty of members who are transplants or summer residents.  We are all united by a common interest in improving and protecting the Portage Lake area.

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  • The club is open to anyone interested in the beauty of nature. 

  • We meet twice per month in June, July and August.  Some meetings feature guest speakers, others are field trips. We have our Annual Meeting in September. 

  • The club has over fifty members, many of whom are summer residents.  

  • New members are always welcome! Dues are $36.00 per year.

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