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Black Willow Saplings Project

Our garden club, the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive and Onekama's 10th grade science class are working together to propagate and plant 250 black willow tree saplings. Typically, black willow trees live about 65 years.  The saplings in our project have the same exceptionally strong genetic makeup of their parent, a 200 year old champion black willow in Traverse City.  

Black Willow Trees are a Great Choice for the Portage Lake Area

1) Survive high water years that kill other trees

2) Survive tough growing conditions

3) Strong root systems stabilizes erosion

4) Unique roots remove heavy metals from the soil

5) Black Willow trees are NOT Weeping Willow trees

6) Native to Michigan (Weeping Willows are not)

7) Provide early food source for pollinators

Plant saplings in areas that are sunny and moist (near lakes streams, swamps, etc.) Black Willows are fast-growing trees, averaging 40-60 feet and are tolerant of clay, loam and sandy soils as long as ample moisture is present. Diameter is 20-40 inches at maturity. Don't plant near septic fields as roots will seek out the water in the pipes. 

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