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2024 Merchandise Order

Orders are due by 9pm on Friday, June 28

Scroll to Bottom for Merchandise Descriptions
and Size Chart

How to Order Merchandise
Ordering on our website is a two-step process.

First step, complete the order form.  This tells us which items you want.
You'll need to do your own math for the amount due. No sales tax.
Make sure to click

Second step, after you click SUBMIT, click the blue PayPay button.
Enter credit card information.  Please follow all the prompts. 
You should receive a confirmation email from PayPal
and email from POWR/PLGC.


Step 1 - Order Form

Items I'm Ordering (Check all that apply)
Size - Modern Half Sleeve Split-Neck Shirt
Size - Short Sleeve Jewel-Neck Shirt
Color of Apron

Step 2 - Pay with PayPal

Next, pay using PayPal.
You do not need a PayPal account. 
If successful, you will receive an email
from PayPal and POWR/PLGC

Merchandise Descriptions
Merchandise Descriptions and Order Form-1.jpg
2024 Merchandise_SM_2R.jpg
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